Cloud Backup Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery in Las Vegas

Businesses generate a tremendous amount of data compared to a decade ago. Likewise, small and large businesses alike are more dependent on its data than ever before. With data storage costs going down, many businesses simply obtain larger hard drives within their operational environments but still do not properly prepare for the many ways a business can lose data. Hardware failure, accidental deletion, and even worse, ransomware which can encrypt all of your data and make it useless.

Many organizations are looking to the cloud for easy backup and storage, but the common concern asked today is, “Where is my data being stored?”. Backup.Vegas has decided to provide the answer to this very important question… We store it right here in Las Vegas Nevada at Switch Supernap.

With so many solutions available today, what direction is best? Select the cheapest solution and while you may think you’re making backups, getting them to restore can be another story. Pay too much, and you’ll never receive a return on your investment. The engineers at Backup.Vegas work directly with your organization or your outsourced IT staff to assure that you have backups of all your vital servers. Since Backup.Vegas utilizes web based central management, you have the ability to check the current status of your backups at any time as well as the daily, weekly or monthly reports.

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Award Winning Technology
Easy to use intuitive web interface; complete backup suite
Seamless Cloud Backup
Sends data to our ultra-secure local data center with no extra steps
Secure Encrypted Storage
Backups are encrypted during transit and at rest with 256-bit AES Encryption
Stored in Las Vegas!
Offsite cloud storage is located right here in fabulous Las Vegas with you and our support team.